Snap Search Software
 Snap Search is just a simple text search automation program that takes text copied to the clipboard and sends it
to a browser window. All it does is allow you to open ten different browsers automatically and paste text to that
browser automatically. The advantage in using Snap Search is that browsers are opened automatically and you
have many more search options at your fingertips with 25 different search engines built in.

 For example: Ten different browser options allow you to use multiple browsers using the same keyword without
having to search for individual shortcuts for different browsers. Just thinking about it is tiring at times when you
want to search using a keyword and you have to keep re-opening this browser or that browser to get more inform-
ation. It just makes life much easier when you want to do an extended search from more than one browser.

 The typing box: This is where you can copy text to or from the clipboard. You can paste text to see your last search
term or type in a new keyword to copy. It's visible at the center top on the main program page.

 Optional searching: Snap Search's basic operation is to search using copied text from ten different browsers that use
a default search engine. To make more options easily available 25 search engine options have been built in that can
be used with the browser shortcuts that are built in. This gives you to use any browser listed with the 25 search engine
shortcuts that are built in to give you a much richer search experience. You have the option to just open a search en-
gine from the list or send text to the search engine automatically from text copied to the clipboard.

Default browser search: Under start select a browser, then choose start. Copy any text from anywhere or in the typing
box by highlighting it. Right click on the highlighted text while your mouse cursor is over the text and click copy. The
selected browser will pop up, your text is added and Snap Search automatically begin your search. If you wish to con-
tinue with a different browser just select it and copy any text again.

Search Engines: Under start select your browser. Please note that the browser choice you select must already be install-
ed before you can choose from a browser option. If your browser isn't on the Snap Search browser list it's because it
isn't compatible with Snap Search or we just haven't added it yet. Next just switch to the search engine you wish to use
under Search With in the first list of search engines to do a manual search.

Search and Paste: Under start select your desired browser. Copy text to the clipboard. Select any search engine. Once
you select a search engine the selected browser pops up. The clipboard text is sent to the search engine page selected
and enter that text for you and begin your search automatically. To repeat your search with a different search engine
just select a different search engine and your selected browser will open again using a different search engine using
the same keyword. Copying new text to the clipboard does not automatically start a new search using this option.

Search  Engines:
Board Reader
Creative Content
Duck Duck Go
Internet Archive
One Search
Start Page
Swiss Cows
Web Crawler
Yahoo Search