Search By Voice uses speech recogntion to convert spoken text to speech and then sends
your voice to an open browser page as text to allow you to do voice search automatically.

Add voice search capabilities to your browser that may not have voice search.

 Search By Voice uses this automation to accomplish this by sending a single word or
phrase converted from voice to text into one of ten browser choices.

After you start your  search to enter a word or phrase and then your voice is converted to text and sent to the browser you select from the browser choices available or use the voice paste option to
send your voice as text to any document or browser.

Search By Voice works with ten different types of browsers; Brave, Chrome, Epic, Dragon, Flashpeak, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari  and Vivaldi.

New option recently added to search from 25 different popular search engines.

 A software license can easily be purchased by using the Pay Pal buy now button.
Software By Voice is guaranteed to work as described in Windows 10,11 or your money back if an unresolvable issue arises.This a one time payment with lifetime upgrades and email support.

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