Quick Snapshot
 Quick Snapshot is a simple to use one click screen capture tool.
It saves a full screen image of your desktop or any open window.
You can save your snapshot as a bmp, gif, ico, jpg, or png file so
quickly an easily.

  You can also resize or crop your snapshot to any size desired to
give you the ability to get your snapshot to the size you desire for
a finished picture.

 After you're done Quick Snapshot will also print your finished snap-
shot to your printer if desired.
 Quick Snapshot opens quickly and gives a fast easy way to give
you the snapsot of the desktop or window with so little effort we're
sure you'll be glad to use Quick Snapshot as a regular program to
have available on your Windows desktop.

 One time low payment for Quick Snapshot gives you unlimited
access to the program and comes with free lifetime upgrades and
technical support. Click below to register to use Quick Snapshot.

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