Clip Reader is an easy to use software that reads text aloud in documents or web pages on your computer using any voice you select from computer voices already installed on your PC. Clip Reader will also use other recognized voices that you wish to install. Read a single line aloud or an entire page.

 Clip Reader gives you the option to read text aloud, save text as a file or record text to a wav file, whichever you prefer, you can use your computer's microphone to record spoken text or directly to file without a microphone. Choose a voice before you start a recording to have it recorded in any voice that is installed on your computer.

 New - Clip Reader now comes with a high speed text to voice recorder. Quickly converts pages of text to a sound file that you can play back like a sound file. Use this feature to save documents as recordings to play back on a web site, help create an ebook or read e-books, record daily news, or anytime you want to save text as an audio file. Great for making a library of text
audio files or for making portable files you can playback on the road or at the office.

Mobile text to speech - MP3 converter added. Convert text sound files to mp3s to play back text to speech anywhere you go.

Separate folders for text and recording are provided so that you can review text or voice or for playback later.
You can also read foreign text by adding language packs like Chinese, French, German, Spanish and more.

                                                            Helpful in studying foreign language.

                                                            Use as an e-book reader.

                                   Licensed users get free email technical support and free lifetime upgrades.

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